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My name is Sara Vickers. My husband, Zach and I are the owners of In My Jammers. We have three daughters, Millie, Blakely and London. They both love to be in their Jammers.

Our company is a baby and toddler bamboo pajama line. We aren’t your typical pajama line. Our products consist of the softest bamboo material and trendy prints.

Our girls want to live in their pajamas. I know all parents can relate with us when it comes to that! We decided to launch our own Pajama line not only because it’s what our kids wear 98 percent of the time but it’s how some of our greatest memories have been made. From bringing our babies home from the hospital to dance parties in our kitchen. All In their Jammers!

There’s just something so special about pajama time. We look forward to you and your families creating special memories with your children, In their Jammers!